WaterDate 2013 app
WaterDate 2013 app
WaterDate 2013 app
WaterDate 2013 app
WaterDate 2013 app


On the occasion of the World Water Day, Aqualogy Foundation launches WaterDate, a free app that aims to raise awareness about the problem of accessing drinking water. The Foundation also collaborates with UNICEF in its child survival program. The app is linked to an adaptive minisite (waterdate.es) where users can access additional information. We have taken care of the strategy and creativity aspects of the project, as well as the development of all parts thereof including press, banners, Facebook campaigns, e-mail, etc.


Raising awareness among the general public about the problem of access to drinking water.
Different media: app, press, website... among others.
Development for iOS and Android.
Campaign minisite



AppStore and Play Store


Lovie Awards. App game and Audience's award

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